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ATV Models

ATV Models at Don Johnson Sales

About Polaris ATV's
Unlike Any Other

When it comes to the Polaris Sportsman and Scrambler, the bigger the better! Making these models since the 1980’s, the transformation is incredible. All of the experience from decades has taught Polaris that the more sizes and shades, make these two models incomparable to anything you’ve seen!

Benefits of Polaris ATV

Electronic Power Steering (EPS): Get better mileage and automatic assistance on difficult terrains

Polaris Variable Transmission (PVT): Stronger, faster and tested under every condition.


The Polaris Scrambler was completely revamped in 2014 and has continuing taking miraculous leaps ever since! Body style that dreams of the dunes and having fun, and an engine that makes all of it come true!


The Polaris Sportsman has being made since 1985 and this workhorse can truly move mountains, and take you all the way up them! Newest line brings all new things to the Polaris ATV family, little bit of flair and a lot of fun.